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What we do

Dusemond Holiday Courses is part of Dusemond Study Programmes which was started in 2015 to provide innovative programmes to overseas students. Since then over 10,000 students have travelled with us and we are now using what we have learnt to bring amazing holiday programmes to UK based teenagers.

                                                                                              Our staff and partners are driven by  the simple idea that every programme should provide an unforgettable experience for the children taking part.

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Our management team is made up of a group of international, dedicated and approachable Dusemonders, with combined experience of over 60 years. Find out more about us by clicking the link above.

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It's holiday time, so we make sure our academic courses are designed to be fun and immersive as well as educational. Specialist teachers and well trained leaders will ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

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Our theatre and art programmes are designed not only as an introduction but also to improve artistic skills and build confidence.

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It's the taking part that counts but of course it's always nice to be the best as well! That's why we have teamed up with industry professionals to make sure our sports courses deliver!


At the core of all our programmes is a desire to build our students confidence, improve their communication and team-building and help them master leadership skills as that will be vital going forward. We do this by using experts and ensuring that everyone gets fully immersed in our programmes - students and staff and the odd parent who turns up! 

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